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"He's a wonderful teacher, I gained so much musical confidence in the relatively short time we worked together. He truly loves his instrument and so puts as much care as he can into his lessons." -Aydan F.

"Aaron is an excellent teacher and it has been a pleasure working with him! Aaron has a holistic approach to teaching and I found my technique, musicianship, and knowledge of theory all improved greatly while taking lessons with him. He is very professional, enthusiastic, and prepared, and has provided me with lots of resources to supplement his teaching." -Holden T.

"Aaron has been a wonderful teacher! While learning various piano pieces, he has been very good at teaching me new techniques and learning skills that help me practice smarter and more effectively rather than just playing a piece over and over. He is also very patient and does a good job at making me feel comfortable during my lessons. If you are looking for a new piano teacher, I highly recommend Aaron!" -Mahinda R.

"Aaron is a wonderful musician and a very accomplished pianist. He accompanied my trumpet student at the Washington State Solo Contest last weekend and my student won 1st place thanks to his terrific ensemble playing! He is extremely easy to work with and offers excellent suggestions when appropriate. He also accompanied another player who won 1st place in the Euphonium/Low Brass Division. Finally, his remarkable talents were obvious when those two students mentioned above won 3rd place with a Euphonium duet! In all cases suffice it to say that the piano accompaniments were extremely difficult! I also perceive Aaron as a superb teacher of piano. I highly recommend him.....Five Stars! In appreciation of his talents, Gerald Webster Professor of Trumpet Emeritus"

"I highly recommend Aaron Petit as an accompanist. I recently hired him to accompany my son as he attended the district and then state solo/ensemble contest. Not only did Aaron arrive extremely prepared to the first rehearsal, but his skillful musicianship was apparent from the first measure. Aaron's artistry was truly masterful. He is such a humble talent and so very supportive of other musicians. I look forward to working with him in the future, and can't wait to hear his next solo performance. He is a rare talent, and we are lucky to have him in the Pacific Northwest." -Rebecca M.

"You will not find another accompanist in the area with as much talent and professionalism. From the very first rehearsal, Aaron was well prepared and extremely easy to play with. His musicality and ability to support the performer was absolutely a big factor in leading me to a first place finish at my state solo contest. I wholeheartedly recommend going with Aaron for any Piano accompaniment you might need, and will absolutely go with him again in the future." -Patrick M.

"I rarely write reviews but I decided to write one for Aaron partly because I am thankful for him successfully finishing my son’s flute competition season. I feel bad people seem to have doubts on Aaron’s ability as a pianist just because he is young and not well established in this area. My son’s flute teacher recommended at least 3 rehearsal sessions due to the difficulty level of the piece my son played. It had frequent tempo changes and weird tempo markings which frustrated the first pianist we contacted despite her 17 years of experience as a professional musician.When we contacted Aaron, the first thing Aaron said was this piece is easy and he did not think 3 rehearsals were necessary. People seem to relate experience with age. It doesn’t work that way in art. Aaron told me 2 sessions should be enough and it turned out he was right. I ended up saving money and time, and the latter is more precious for high school juniors under immense pressures from coursework and competitions. One of Aaron’s remarkable ability as an accompanist is how quickly he catches up with tempo changes. During the first rehearsal, I noticed he figured out a new tempo at the second note my son played and from the third note he was in sync with my son’s pace. I was really amazed at his talent because my son played really fast runs. As my son got more familair with the piece he got faster than rehearsal pace. However, it was no problem with Aaron. They played well together on the competition day. That day my son’s flute teacher stayed in the room all day listening to musics of every competitor and accompanist. She liked Aaron’s accompanying a lot and she noticed he was the only pianist who opened up the top of the small upright piano provided. With the top of upright piano open, audience can hear piano sound better, especially the quiet sound. The room’s acoustics was not that great so the flute teacher really appreciated what Aaron did. If you are not sold reading this far, here are the things that convinced me after I checked out his website.
1. Aaron is a winner of the Gershwin Award, which takes place in New York. He beat several Juilliard students at the competition.
2. He has extensive list of music he played as an accompanist. Some of them are really long and difficult ones.
3. He graduated magma cum laude and he provides a 2 page contract, which I appreciated a lot. There was no surprise fee popping up later. Musicians are not the most organized people, but in my experience the organized musicians are the best ones.
Collaborating with Aaron will give you one less thing to worry about during the stressful competition season. I highly recommend Aaron to all tiger moms out there, whether you became one willingly or were dragged to become one by your child’s ambition." 

-Sung L

"Accompanied my performance, great collaborator! My rehearsals were productive and professional, I'll definitely seek him out in the future. Thanks Aaron!" -Shayla B.

"Aaron was an absolute joy to work with! Was very flexible with scheduling and accompanied my solo with extreme accuracy and musicality." -Jesse W.

"Aaron has accompanied me for multiple performances, including college juries and a concerto competition. He is both skilled and professional, as well as friendly and encouraging. It’s always a pleasure to work with him." -Benjamin H.

"Reviewing for my girlfriend who had him as an accompanist last week. She had an absolutely incredible experience working with Aaron, he was more like a friend to work with than someone who was hired for the job. That being said he was incredibly professional, well prepared, flexible, and so worth the price. He made her feel less nervous when performing and was very generous with his time. Would definitely work with him for future competitions and recomend him to anyone who's looking for an amazing accompanist!" -Kai S.

"Aaron is an extremely talented pianist and effective piano teacher. I took a few lessons with him to get through some challenging parts of a piece I was working with. Aaron has shown thorough knowledge of the piece with the ability to articulate ways to improve on my playing." -Calvin L.


"I am a classical composer and pianist who has had the great fortune of being able to work alongside Aaron on many occasions. I can say without a doubt that not only is he one of the greatest musicians I have ever met, he is also a consummate professional and a wonderful human being. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and an incredibly hard worker who gives his all to every endeavor he undertakes.

"Aaron's approach to playing the piano is truly unlike any other pianist I know or have worked with. Using his considerable theoretical and compositional skills, he breaks the music down in an effort to understand it on a fundamental level whilst maximizing his efficiency during practice. The end result is a profound performance that is both distinctively his own and incredibly respectful of the composer's original intentions. Plus, it's always electrifying to watch! As a pedagogue, I cannot think of many people as qualified as Aaron. He participates in nearly every aspect of music making and displays considerable skill in every avenue he pursues. This skill is born out of a boundless love and excitement for his chosen art form, and his passion is quite infectious. In summation, I cannot recommend another musician more highly!"  -Wesley T.

"Aaron was our piano instructor at Cazadero Music Camp in the Summer of 2021. Aaron is the consummate professional - his work with our Junior High- aged campers was first rate. He was attentive to each individual, assessed their particular musical strengths and needs, and made their success his number one priority. The highest compliment I could give Aaron is that I would want my children to be taught by him!" -James M.

"My son returned from a two-week piano intensive with Aaron as his teacher ENTHUSIASTIC about playing, RELAXED at the keyboard and INSPIRED in his approach to practice and performance. Aaron gives specific and helpful direction, appropriate encouragement and clear practice assignments. He loves the instrument and the repertoire, and his passion communicates through his teaching just as fully as through his playing." -David C.

"As many of the reviews have already said - Aaron is a master musician, plays skillfully and beautifully, and is a major talent. I feel very fortunate to know Aaron - and extremely fortunate to be learning from him. Aaron is able to meet me exactly where I am - he has an uncanny ability to work with me in a very exacting and detailed way, with patience and compassion - to help me build skills that I've either never had or help correct deeply engrained habits that I've not even been aware of. He has a rare combination of gifts, education and talent - that he is able to transmit - with clarity, kindness and respect. I recommend him wholeheartedly!" -Cindy R.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Aaron through the years. It goes without saying that he is a terrific pianist, but even moreso he has a broad and authentic musical understanding that comes across in his performance, collaboration and mentorship alike. There were several times I came to him in moment’s notice to accompany me or help me out at some gig; while many likely wouldn’t have been able to do so he always managed to pull things together for me in a profesional manner. Needless to say, Aaron is also a wonderful person who is great to work with. I wholly recommend his musical services" -John F.

"I have had the honor and privilege of being Aaron's personal audio and video engineer for years. Aside his playing, which is obviously virtuosic, and aside his disciplined work ethic, which is only matched by the greats, he is a warm and caring person with a brilliant sense of humor. Anytime I hear from Aaron it is because wonderful things are happening to pianos and it is all his fault LOL. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Aaron Petit, has an instructor, performer, or composer, I cannot strongly enough recommend involving him in achieving your goals. 10/10 would collab again" -Adam L.

"Aaron is a fabulous musician and piano teacher. He knows exactly how to help anyone at any level. I highly recommend him. His performances are amazing!" -Troy M.

"One of the most competent musicians I have ever met and heard play. He is up for any challenge musically and tackles them with ease." -Alec D.

"Aaron is an awesome teacher! Super encouraging, extremely talented both playing and teaching, and has an ability to make you see the process of learning as a fun one, meant to be enjoyed as you go and not only on a given destination. I took a break from lessons to focus on the guitar but I can’t wait to come back this year!" -José O.

"I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Aaron Petit perform live on multiple occasions. His energy is channeled through his craft in such a way that you can feel the contours of the music as your mind tumbles through the canyons the composers have carved, a marble maze of sound. He brings order to the chaos, and chaos to the order. He has an amiable demeanor, but as soon as he sits on the bench there is a sense of danger, or at least wonder, when he recalls the spirits of these dead men and women to life, a necromancer of the keys, their forms by turns terrifying and comforting. He does more than reanimate, however; he rejuvenates, by playing the secret chord that has been there all along in a way that feels like a key turning in a lock, opening the door to the world of the artist, which is our world, seen through glorious eyes." -Garrison D.

"Aaron’s teaching style is clear, concise, communicative and to the point. He is one of the best teachers of the piano that I have had. With knowledge of theory, artistic style and nuance. His playing as well is out of this world!! Every note is played with heartfelt love and care. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to dive into the wonderful world of music!!" Mattie P.

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