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"He's a wonderful teacher, I gained so much musical confidence in the relatively short time we worked together. He truly loves his instrument and so puts as much care as he can into his lessons." -Aydan F.

"Aaron is an excellent teacher and it has been a pleasure working with him! Aaron has a holistic approach to teaching and I found my technique, musicianship, and knowledge of theory all improved greatly while taking lessons with him. He is very professional, enthusiastic, and prepared, and has provided me with lots of resources to supplement his teaching." -Holden T.

"Aaron has been a wonderful teacher! While learning various piano pieces, he has been very good at teaching me new techniques and learning skills that help me practice smarter and more effectively rather than just playing a piece over and over. He is also very patient and does a good job at making me feel comfortable during my lessons. If you are looking for a new piano teacher, I highly recommend Aaron!" -Mahinda R.

"Aaron is a wonderful musician and a very accomplished pianist. He accompanied my trumpet student at the Washington State Solo Contest last weekend and my student won 1st place thanks to his terrific ensemble playing! He is extremely easy to work with and offers excellent suggestions when appropriate. He also accompanied another player who won 1st place in the Euphonium/Low Brass Division. Finally, his remarkable talents were obvious when those two students mentioned above won 3rd place with a Euphonium duet! In all cases suffice it to say that the piano accompaniments were extremely difficult! I also perceive Aaron as a superb teacher of piano. I highly recommend him.....Five Stars! In appreciation of his talents, Gerald Webster Professor of Trumpet Emeritus"

"I highly recommend Aaron Petit as an accompanist. I recently hired him to accompany my son as he attended the district and then state solo/ensemble contest. Not only did Aaron arrive extremely prepared to the first rehearsal, but his skillful musicianship was apparent from the first measure. Aaron's artistry was truly masterful. He is such a humble talent and so very supportive of other musicians. I look forward to working with him in the future, and can't wait to hear his next solo performance. He is a rare talent, and we are lucky to have him in the Pacific Northwest." -Rebecca M.

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