Aaron Petit Piano

Classical Pianist, Teacher, Lecturer, and Composer 

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A few examples are posted here:

"My son returned from a two-week piano intensive with Aaron as his teacher ENTHUSIASTIC about playing, RELAXED at the keyboard and INSPIRED in his approach to practice and performance. Aaron gives specific and helpful direction, appropriate encouragement and clear practice assignments. He loves the instrument and the repertoire, and his passion communicates through his teaching just as fully as through his playing." -David Chrisman

"As many of the reviews have already said - Aaron is a master musician, plays skillfully and beautifully, and is a major talent. I feel very fortunate to know Aaron - and extremely fortunate to be learning from him. Aaron is able to meet me exactly where I am - he has an uncanny ability to work with me in a very exacting and detailed way, with patience and compassion - to help me build skills that I've either never had or help correct deeply engrained habits that I've not even been aware of. He has a rare combination of gifts, education and talent - that he is able to transmit - with clarity, kindness and respect. I recommend him wholeheartedly!" -Cindy Reid

"I am a retired, amateur piano player who has been taking Zoom piano lessons from Aaron Petit for the last year. Based on my first-hand experience as a student, I can recommend Aaron as a piano instructor without reservation. Aaron is an amazing piano player, but equally important are Aaron’s abilities to explain how the piano works and how you get to the next level. I came to Aaron with reasonably good chord, theory, and jazz piano voicings. For me, Aaron had been instrumental in helping me to improve my rhythm and left-hand/right-hand independence. While Aaron is personally focused on classical piano, he has helped me greatly expand in my selected area of jazz/blues/pop piano. He can help you improve in non-classical piano areas as well as classical piano music. While it is important to have a good pianist as your teacher, it is equally important to have a teacher who can explain how you learn to play the piano. I recommend you sign up for lessons with Aaron Petit, you won’t regret it. It is one of my favorite hours of the week." -Larry Coats

"I highly recommend Aaron Petit as an accompanist. I recently hired him to accompany my son as he attended the district and then state solo/ensemble contest. Not only did Aaron arrive extremely prepared to the first rehearsal, but his skillful musicianship was apparent from the first measure. Aaron's artistry was truly masterful. He is such a humble talent and so very supportive of other musicians. I look forward to working with him in the future, and can't wait to hear his next solo performance. He is a rare talent, and we are lucky to have him in the Pacific Northwest." -Rebecca Malcom

"Aaron is a fabulous musician and piano teacher. He knows exactly how to help anyone at any level. I highly recommend him. His performances are amazing!" -Troy Marble

"I have had the honor and privilege of being Aaron's personal audio and video engineer for years. Aside his playing, which is obviously virtuosic, and aside his disciplined work ethic, which is only matched by the greats, he is a warm and caring person with a brilliant sense of humor. Anytime I hear from Aaron it is because wonderful things are happening to pianos and it is all his fault LOL. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Aaron Petit, has an instructor, performer, or composer, I cannot strongly enough recommend involving him in achieving your goals. 10/10 would collab again" -Adam Lansky

"As a student of Aaron Petit, I have had the utmost good fortune to have experienced his talent and love of Piano first hand. In the concerts I have heard him perform, I have enjoyed how he interprets the pieces he plays. Aaron has ideas that he puts into action that totally change piano playing, making the music sound colorful, boisterous (depending on the piece), round, organic, natural and alive. He makes piano playing sound how it's supposed to sound. Aaron is not only a great performer who brings much to the music he is playing, he is an incredible pedagogue. When I first started piano, my teacher was good and I learned much from her, but once I began taking lessons from Aaron, I entered a whole new world. I was introduced to unique and highly effective concepts, ideas, practice methods, good study habits, appropriate performance preparation, and so much more. He is a thorough and knowledgeable teacher whose enthusiasm and style have greatly influenced my piano playing. All in all, Aaron is a person of character whose talent comes from passion and skill, AND, he is an excellent, encouraging teacher. I would suggest him to any who are interested in playing the piano, because he is uplifting to those who struggle, pushes those who need a challenge and gives generously of his knowledge and encouragement with kindness and understanding." -Matthias Santucci

"Aaron is a wonderful musician and a very accomplished pianist. He accompanied my trumpet student at the Washington State Solo Contest last weekend and my student won 1st place thanks to his terrific ensemble playing! He is extremely easy to work with and offers excellent suggestions when appropriate. He also accompanied another player who won 1st place in the Euphonium/Low Brass Division. Finally, his remarkable talents were obvious when those two students mentioned above won 3rd place with a Euphonium duet! In all cases suffice it to say that the piano accompaniments were extremely difficult! I also perceive Aaron as a superb teacher of piano. I highly recommend him.....Five Stars! In appreciation of his talents, Gerald Webster Professor of Trumpet Emeritus" -Gerald Webster