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Rite of Passage: 2019 Extended Edition

Rite of Passage Album.png

Digital Download Includes:

  1. Original Audio Tracks ($9 value)

  2. 5 bonus tracks not included in the 2017 release ($6 Value)

  3. Full Track Listing and Original Album Art

A $15 value for only $7!

Click HERE to watch the

Rite of Spring:

Solo Piano Version (Live)

Or HERE to listen to the Beethoven Op. 2 No. 2 Rondo Movement

The idea of this album was to demonstrate my graduation from a student to a semi-professional musician, as I began competing in international piano competitions only a few months prior.

This process meant upgrading both my quality of playing and my amount of repertoire. To have a chance for a spot in the industry, my portfolio needed to demonstrate great variety of historical time periods paired with immense skill- a daunting task!

The “Rite of Passage” title illuminates this process while teasing the crowning achievement of the album, my solo piano transcription of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”.

At the time, I had learned only half of the piece so that is all I released in 2017. Finishing this piece became the foundation of doing an extended version of the album. And since 3 etudes were in the original, I added 3 more to complete the group.

This extended version, though recorded in 2019, has never been released until now! (2024)

Repertoire Selections

Bach: Prelude and Fugue in E Major "WTC" Book I

Beethoven: Piano Sonata in A Major Op. 2 No. 2 

Liszt: Tarantella from "Venecia et Napoli"

6 Études:

  • Chopin: in a minor Op. 25 No. 11 "Winter Wind"

  • Henselt: in F-Sharp Major Op. 2 No. 6 "If I were a bird"

  • Rachmaninoff: in a minor Op. 39 No. 6 "Red Riding Hood"

  • Szymanowski: in B-Flat Minor Op. 4 No. 3 

  • Prokofiev: in d minor Op. 2 No. 1

  • Gershwin: "Fascinatin' Rhythm" (Earl Wild AND Aaron Petit Versions)


Stravinsky/Petit: "Rite of Spring" Transcribed for Solo Piano

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